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Wholesale Ellipse Flat Lashes (16 Lines)

  • $7.49
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Wholesale Ellipse Flat Lashes (16 Lines)
Wholesale Ellipse Flat Lashes (16 Lines)
  • $7.49


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    An amazing option for classic lash sets to create a more dramatic, bolder look with about 70% less weight. They are specially designed with a flat shape to provide black finish that weighs about half as much as a traditional round classic fiber.

    Flat lashes are more flexible than classic lashes of the same "diameter" or "thickness," and create a uniquely bold classic look.

    Why you need Shulashes?

    • Stable Curl. Curl and thickness stable up to 3 years.
    • Foil Strips. No residues, easy to tear off.
    • Improved Technology. Brown tape, quick to pick off.
    • No Kink. Loose natural, all same length.
    • More Thick. Even ends, denser roots.

    Please note that our D curl is very curly, for more natural look we suggest CC and C curls. Each pack contains 1 tray of lash(16 Lines).

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