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UV Lash Extensions System

Revolutionary Lash System

Shulashes UV Lash System includes a UV lash glue/adhesive-Lighting & UV LED lamp. The UV lash glue contains the ingredient photo-inititators, that are photo-reactive, which means they react and solidify in contact with UV light. Unlike traditional lash glue, our UV glue can be 100% cured 1-2 seconds under UV light.


1. Our UV lash glue works in any temperature and humidity. Lash technicians focous only on the proper lash placement. And more retention.

2. Instant curing magic. Curing process is much faster and much consistently with UV light. It speeds up the lash process by up to 20%

3. Much less fume than traditional lash glue. Reduce the chance to allergic reaction by 80%

UV Lash Glue/Adhesive-Lightning
$19.90 Ex Tax: $19.90

Say goodbye to traditional eyelash adhesive. Shu Lash Lightning UV Lash Glue/Adhesive will take..

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UV LED Lash Lamp
$154.90 Ex Tax: $154.90

Shu Lash UV LED Lash Lamp will take your lash game to the next level. With quick exposure to UV..

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