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How To Take Better Photos For Eyelash Extension Business!

Recall that the first thing that attracts you to an ad is its image. Therefore, a good and attractive advertising image can make customers stop to stay. For those who are engaged in eyelash beauty industry, you must also know the importance of taking a good publicity photo. But not everyone can take wonderful photos. If we always rely on the help of professional photographers, then the investment cost is a little high.

Essential Tips For Faster Eyelash Extension Application!

In the coming peak season of eyelash extension application, the reputation and capacity of the lash salon directly affect the income of this salon. A lot of lash artists have the same trouble. So how to speed up eyelash extension application under the premise of ensuring the quality? Let's take a look at the following essential tips.

How To Choose The Best Quality Eyelash Extension Glue!

In the process of eyelash extensions application, the biggest headache for eyelash beauticians is probably that there is no proper glue. The eyelash extension glue is most important accessory for lash extensions application. Then how to choose the best eyelash extension glue. Here following are some essential tips to you.

Tips To Improve Your Eyelash Extension Isolation Skills!

Skilled eyelash extensions technicians are always fully booked by repeat eyelash extensions lover clients. No client would want to go back to the shop again who stuck her eyelashes together and made her eyelashes look bad and uncomfortable. The skill of an eyelash technician is very important, especially not to make some low-level mistakes that novices will make, such as eyelash stickiness.

The Ultimate Guide To Eyelash Extension Tweezers!

Although you have practiced so many times, the eyelash grafting effect is still unsatisfactory! How to choose and use eyelash extension tweezers correctly? Let's see how the professional lash artist do as the following guideline.

6 Essential Tips | How To Become A Successful Lash Artist!

You have found the perfect eyelash extensions, and you are ready to start your own eyelash extension business, customer base is also in the planning establishment. You have spent a lot of time in the early stage and done a lot of hard work. You wish the customers will come by themselves. However, Rome wasn't built in a day. We need to work in right way.

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