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Tips To Improve Your Eyelash Extension Isolation Skills!
04 Jan

Tips To Improve Your Eyelash Extension Isolation Skills!

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Skilled eyelash extensions technicians are always fully booked by repeat eyelash extensions lover clients. No client would want to go back to the shop again who stuck her eyelashes together and made her eyelashes look bad and uncomfortable. The skill of an eyelash technician is very important, especially not to make some low-level mistakes that novices will make, such as eyelash stickiness.

Here we will talk the eyelash isolation technology, each eyelash technology must master.

Let's first learn something about eyelash isolation technology and why we need to do it. Our natural eyelashes and hair have a growth cycle, grow and fall, fall and grow, continuous cycle, maintain a certain density and length. If you don't do the isolation of eyelashes, when you do the lash extensions, you may stick the new grow eyelashes and the eyelashes that are about to fall together, which will cause damage to the hair follicle. If it is serious, it will cause the natural eyelashes to fall off. 
In addition, human eyelashes are divided into 3-4 layers, or even 5 layers. If you don't do eyelash isolation, you can directly mix large false eyelashes with natural eyelashes. The heavy feeling will make people feel uncomfortable, and it may also affect their vision.

Eyelash isolation technology can solve the above problems, let customers have comfortable and beautiful eyelashes feeling. 
-Isolation tool: eyelash extension tweezers
We need to use eyelash extension tweezers repeatedly for a long time, the tweezers need to be light and durable 
In the use of tweezers, how comfortable should be how to take, as long as it is convenient to move, so that it is also convenient to freely adjust the strength of the thumb and index finger. 
When holding tweezers, the strength of both hands should be evenly distributed. If you use too much force, the force is likely to be applied to the customer's forehead or face, causing the customer's discomfort. 
Because the tip of tweezers is very sharp, it is a dangerous tool. Be very careful when using, do not stick or touch the customer's eyes.

-Classification of isolation technology 
Now there are several commonly used isolation technologies 
1.Two handed isolation technology 
Two tweezers are required for operation, one for left hand and one for right hand (curved and straight tweezers). Do exercises according to your own hand habits. For example, if you are used to using your right hand, please use your right hand to help your left hand practice until both hands can skillfully separate eyelashes. 

2. Layer technology
Layered isolation technology is becoming more and more popular. Because the eyelash extension made by layered isolation technology is very natural and even, the customer experience is very comfortable. 
In addition to tweezers, this technique also needs the help of tape to separate the natural eyelashes layer by layer. Pay attention to the medical tape. 
1) Clean and comb natural eyelashes 
2) First, apply a piece of tape to all the eyelashes 
3) Using tweezers, slowly separate a layer of natural eyelashes from the tape area 
4) Attach the prepared Eyelash Extensions to the separated natural eyelashes 
5) Continue to separate a layer of natural eyelashes from the tape area 
6) Continue to stick the prepared Eyelash Extension 
7) Repeat the above separation procedure until all natural eyelashes are attached with Eyelash Extensions. 

There is no particularly difficult movement in the whole process. What we need is a lot of practice to make the movement skillful. At the same time, pay attention to the drying speed of eyelash glue, which can match your operation speed. Too fast and too slow drying are not necessarily suitable.

For beginners, we can practice the following skills on the headform first.
1) Separation of natural eyelashes 
2) Plucking and plucking of false eyelashes 
3) Layering of natural eyelashes 
4) The pasting method of false eyelashes 
5) Correct application of eye film 
Practice a lot until you are proficient, then you can start practicing on a real model (family, friends may be willing to help). When your technology gets better and better, you are not far away from the days which are fully booked. Believe in yourself! Shu Lashes is one of the leading lash extension suppliers in China for more than 20 years, we offer premium quality lash extension supplies to lash artists, lash salons, lash studios, as well as private label and wholesale lash extensions clients. If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us directly. Welcome!

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