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How To Take Better Photos For Eyelash Extension Business!
01 Feb

How To Take Better Photos For Eyelash Extension Business!

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Recall that the first thing that attracts you to an ad is its image. Therefore, a good and attractive advertising image can make customers stop to stay. For those who are engaged in eyelash extensions beauty, you must also know the importance of taking a good publicity photo. But not everyone can take wonderful photos. If we always rely on the help of professional photographers, then the investment cost is a little higher.

As a matter of fact, it's not as difficult to take nice pictures in lash extensions industry as you think. All you need to do is prepare some simple equipment and spend some time learning and practicing the following skills, you can also take beautiful pictures by yourself and make a good advertisement for your eyelash business.

All good photos are taken under the following basic elements: scene, lighting, grid & composition, editing.

For taking eyelash photos, the scene requirements are not high. Eyelash photo is more attention to detail shooting, before and after the contrast shooting, so you don't need to take too much care about the scene decoration. 

Light is the key to indoor photography. Before shooting, turn on all the light sources, and then observe the environment to see if you need other external auxiliary light sources. Use natural light, but sometimes have to use external auxiliary light source.

The most commonly used auxiliary light sources are as follows:
a. Ring light
In the field of live broadcasting and portrait photography, there is a very popular equipment, which is the ring lamp.
Its usage is very simple: put the lamp in front of the main body, and put the camera in the center of the lamp circle to shoot. In this way, photos are often exposed evenly and have few shadows. It makes you look great.
It's also perfect for big head shots and close ups. When we take close-up of eyelashes, we can use the ring lamp to show a very good effect.

In addition to the main light source or supplementary light source, the ring lamp can also be used as a shooting prop. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in a ring lamp. Moreover, compared with other professional photography equipment, the price of ring lamp is really affordable.

b. Selfie light
If the ring light is relatively large and inconvenient to carry or move, then the selfie light is really small and convenient to carry. It can be installed directly on your mobile phone and has a range of brightness options. For some close range shooting, the selfie light can play a sufficient light supply for the capture of small details.

A mobile phone, a light source, you are ready to take photos.
Now that the basic equipment is available, let's start shooting.

Grid & Composition
A good picture can't be separated from a good composition. Photographers will use many composition methods, and for our eyelash photo shooting, master several common methods is enough.

The rule of thirds
The rule of thirds should be the most common and basic composition method. This method is to use four lines to divide the picture into nine equal squares. This kind of composition is suitable for all kinds of shooting subjects, the most commonly used is scenery, people and so on.

The main body of the picture is placed on the frame line, so that the main body of the picture is very clearly reflected. As shown in the picture, the eyelashes are at the intersection of the frame lines, which is very eye-catching.

Symmetrical composition
Symmetrical composition has balance and stability, but its disadvantage is too rigid and lack of change. This composition method is very suitable for us to do the contrast picture, the contrast picture before and after eyelash extension, the effect will be very shocking.
Prospect and depth

The photo itself is a plane, but if you add a foreground to the picture, there will be a kind of depth, so as to achieve the 3D effect.

Tap the screen and focus on the eyes closer to us as the foreground, showing eyelashes from different angles to show their length and curl.

I'm not satisfied with the photos? Then use our "trick" - editing. Blockbusters are cut out.

For example, when shooting, you don't have a good grasp of the rule of third, then adjust it in the later editing. Adjust the brightness, color contrast to make the photo look more harmonious. But we must pay attention to the photo can not be distorted, do not over decorate the skin. Especially large skin defects can be modified, but it does not mean that the whole skin is modified like a fake.

If you are just beginning to learn how to shoot, you should be a model yourself, practice more, compare and summarize. One day, you will take great photos to surprise your customers and can't wait to book your service. Shu Lashes offers not only the best eyelash extension supplies, but also more useful lash trainning and toturials to our clients. If you have any questions or inquires, please feel free to contact us directly. Welcome!

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