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Lash Extension Removal Kits

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Lash Extension Removal Kits
Lash Extension Removal Kits
  • $18.99

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    Shu Lash extension removal kit includes:

    - includes bestselling Shu Lash removal products

    • 1 x Glue Cream Remover (10g)
    • 1 x Elbow Rinse Bottle
    • 1 x Removal Plastic Wraps
    • 1 x Removal Pads (40pcs)
    • 1 x Lash Cleansing Brush
    • NO IRRITATION: Eyelash remover is gentle and non-irritating, effective removal of eyelash extensions with minimal irritation.
    • SAFE FORMULA: Lash extension remover is easy to control and prevents slipping into your or your customers’ eyes.
    • HIGH QUALITY: Cream lash remover has been tested and approved to MSDS, KC certification and SGS. Eyelash extension glue remover is for advanced lash stylists. NOT FOR SELF-APPLICATION
    Please note that the photos are just for the illustrative purposes and actual contents may vary.

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